Book Review: Eragon – By Christopher Paolini

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letter-oOver the past few months I’ve been attempting to read more fiction: Asimov‘s The End of Eternity, Zelazny‘s Lord of Light, Robert Jordan‘s The Great Hunt and R. Scott Bakker‘s Prince of Nothing; all have been thoroughly enjoyable. Most recently I picked up a copy of Chistopher Paolini‘s Eragon from the bookstore. This was a change of pace, but I have no problem with young adult and children’s fantasy.

The story of the book is fairly standard in the vein of young adult fantasy. A young boy from a rural village finds something that gets him involved in a world grander than he could have ever imagined. In this case that thing is a dragon egg which has chosen to hatch for the titular character, Eragon.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

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Book Review: The Name of the Wind – By Patrick Rothfuss

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Letter WWhile I enjoy reading fiction, it’s a rarity for me to find fiction that truly captivates me, especially within the fantasy genre. With my last fantasy book being Peter S. Beagle‘s The Last Unicorn, I was sitting pretty high in terms of what fantasy is capable of; luckily, The Name of the Wind didn’t disappoint, and while it isn’t nearly on the level of The Last Unicorn, it did blow my expectations out of the water and present me with a compelling and interesting story which kept me engrossed for all of the seven-hundred & twenty-two pages.

The central story is framed by the story of an a man disguised as an innkeeper, tracked down by a chronicler who wishes to write down his story, the story of how he came to be the legendary figure that he is (despite hiding as an innkeeper). It is this story which the chronicler records which makes up the bulk of the narrative, beginning when the main character – Kvothe – is a young boy and following his progression as a strives to enter the arcane university and excel at the magical arts.

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Book Review: The Last Unicorn – By Peter S. Beagle

Beagle The Last Unicorn.pngLetter MMy first exposure to Peter S. Beagle came around two months ago when I stumbled upon Tamsin in the local used bookstore. Although I had heard good things I had never read him, and with Tamsin I was hooked.

The Last Unicorn is Beagle’s most well known book, having been made in to an animated movie which I’ll have to check out now that I’ve read the book.

The Last Unicorn revolves, naturally, around the story of a unicorn who finds herself oddly troubled with the idea that she is indeed the last unicorn in the world and sets off in search of her kin. Along the way she is eventually joined by the Shmendrick the Magician, an individual with his own adventure to fulfill as well.


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Book Review: The Eye of the World – by Robert Jordan


Jordan Eye of the World.pngLetter IIn my quest to read the great fantasy novels I have arrived at one of the more epic series of our time, Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time.

The book is one that I had seen on many lists of best fantasy – apparently it’s extremely well-known and widely read – and one which I had heard mixed reviews on from those I know who read fantasy. Even after buying the book it took me a while to get around to reading it, though not for lack of trying. Two or three times I would sit down in my reading chair with some tea or a drink intent on delving into the world of the Wheel of Time, and each time I would read a half a chapter and find myself bored, and would pick up whatever other book was handy. Finally I decided to take it as my only source of distraction on a flight and force myself to get into it – a two-hour layover later I was at last into the story, and once it picked up it didn’t slow down.


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